Impact of Vaccines in Canada

Saw this on Facebook the other day and thought I would pass it along.


It was compiled by Toronto Public Health.



Gothic Charm School

Gothic Charm School.


You may not tell a book by its cover… but the title sure can give you a giggle. ūüôā


Asylum Attendant


Is this my very first book review? I think it might just be. It seems fitting for my first to be the informative and adorable Gothic Charm School by Jillian Venters. Complete with gothy makeup tips, badass illustrations (by the author’s talented husband), and great advice for Goths (and everyone else, really), this book was an enjoyable read. It even confirmed my suspicion that I was a Goth, too! (Sidenote: I once was that person who was too special and awesome to be tied down with labels. Nowadays, I happily embrace them. Maturity is a funny thing.)

I will be shamelessly honest in saying I was drawn to this book because the title reminded me of one of my favorite crappy reality TV shows. The difference is, Gothic Charm School is full of class and Rock of Love: Charm School was full of…trash. (I believe being a stripper/porn star was…

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Sweet Dreams!

Saw these photos the other day [1]  and had to share them with you.


Goth bedroom designs.


Dark and heavy.


Or lighter but still dark…


…and a bit macabre.


Some will say, “How can you sleep in a room like this?”


to which I say…


“How can you NOT sleep in a room like this??”


Pleasant dreams, my little geeks and nerdlings!


[1] 13 Mysterious Gothic Bedroom Interior Design Ideas. Thanks to the magnificent Anna Camara for passing this on to me. Brava!

Creepy Girls (20): Psycho Chicks in Hell

Let’s face it, Insane Asylums (or if you prefer, Psycho Wards,¬†Loony Bins or Funny Farms) are awful places at the best of times.

But add to the natural horrifying nature an additional element… an impossibly deranged young lady in an insane asylum so awful as to make her mental disorders look like mild mood swings in comparison… and you have the makings of a truly Creepy Girl.

I ran across this photo the other day and it pretty well encapsulates this feeling for me.


The filthy abandoned room, the iron bed with no mattress, the Raggedy Ann doll, the thin girl bound to the antique wheelchair, the sheet of plastic… and of course the nurse behind it.

And for all we know, this young lady can actually be sitting in some perfectly-run institution somewhere, well cared for by devoted highly-trained staff. And yet… this may very well be how that girl perceives her surroundings and, indeed, her very existence.

Everything combines to portray the hopelessly hellish nature of insanity.


What’s worse than seagulls? Drunken rowdy seagulls!

This report just in from that bastion of scientific research journalism, the Bristol Post!

As if these pests aren’t pesky enough, now they’re getting hammered and causing a ruckus!

drunk_seagull(No, not drunk on beer like your average yobbo!)

It seems the local shithawks in Devon county, southwest England, are getting wasted, acting loutishly and attacking people.

Bet you can’t guess how!

A new theory explaining an increase in seagull attacks has been found – they are getting drunk on flying ants.


Scientists say gulls’ behaviour is getting worse because the hot temperatures have seen a massive boom in the insects, specifically flying ants, upon which gulls feed.

The ants then turn to formic acid in their stomachs and act like alcohol – causing the gulls to lose inhibitions around humans and brazenly steal food.

seagull-1(Fighting over food. The gull seems to be getting the better of this battle)

They are left so tipsy the gulls have been seen flying straight into buildings and into the paths of moving cars.

funny-titanic-scene-seagull-eye(“I’m king of the world! D’OH!”)

Residents in Ilfracombe, Devon, recently reported being swooped on by the sloshed seabirds and, at first, presumed they were protecting their nests.

But they sensed something was wrong when the birds started flying into buildings and into the paths of cars.

Yeah, that’s usually a good clue.

At any rate, high heat is usually to blame for the increased flying ants so hopefully, things will calm down at summer’s end.


This is more like it!

Those who know me know that I hate the heat. And the humidity. And nice weather.

And most of all, sunshine. I literally cannot stand the feel of it on my skin.

Try and appreciate that I am writing this on a sunny afternoon in July. Temperature  33C (91.4F). I hate it.

Everyone says I should live in the Hebrides. [1] 


From what I understand, I would thoroughly enjoy the place!

Be that as it may, I occasionally stumble across a photograph that captures much of what I consider an ideal setting for me.

Such is the case with the photograph below…

bridge(Now this is more like it!)

Overcast, almost dark, misty, cool, damp. I’m not sure where this photo was taken. Could be anywhere, I suppose.

I just love it.

The only improvement I would make would be that the season be autumn. Mid-October to be precise. Cool days, cold nights. Colourful trees.

Just over two more months of summer left. It cannot end too soon for me.


[1]¬†The¬†Hebrides¬†(/ňąh…õbr…®diňźz/;¬†Scottish Gaelic:¬†Innse Gall) comprise a widespread and diverse¬†archipelago¬†off the west coast of mainland¬†Scotland. There are two main groups: the¬†Inner¬†and¬†Outer Hebrides. These islands have a long history of occupation dating back to the¬†Mesolithic¬†and the culture of the residents has been affected by the successive influences of¬†Celtic,¬†Norse¬†and English-speaking peoples. This diversity is reflected in the names given to the islands, which are derived from the languages that have been spoken there in historic and perhaps¬†prehistoric¬†times.