Gothic Charm School

Gothic Charm School.


You may not tell a book by its cover… but the title sure can give you a giggle. 🙂


Asylum Attendant


Is this my very first book review? I think it might just be. It seems fitting for my first to be the informative and adorable Gothic Charm School by Jillian Venters. Complete with gothy makeup tips, badass illustrations (by the author’s talented husband), and great advice for Goths (and everyone else, really), this book was an enjoyable read. It even confirmed my suspicion that I was a Goth, too! (Sidenote: I once was that person who was too special and awesome to be tied down with labels. Nowadays, I happily embrace them. Maturity is a funny thing.)

I will be shamelessly honest in saying I was drawn to this book because the title reminded me of one of my favorite crappy reality TV shows. The difference is, Gothic Charm School is full of class and Rock of Love: Charm School was full of…trash. (I believe being a stripper/porn star was…

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4 comments on “Gothic Charm School

  1. What a beautiful book cover. I would judge this book by its cover and say it was worth the read.

    • vampyrefangs says:

      I love the cover on sight. And what a wonderful idea! Maybe I’ve been lucky but the goth girls I’ve known (original generation goths from late 70s – early 80s) have their own dark and quiet charm. What better than to spread the word! 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the reblog! 😀 I really appreciate it.

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