Creepy Girls (19): Morticia Addams

A few young people have asked me to elaborate on the image in my last post. [1]

Morticia Addams. Tish!

addams-family-3(Charles Addams ‘Addams Family’ first appeared in The New Yorker magazine in 1938)

I loved her with a deep dark passion since the day I first saw her.

Morticia-1(Caroline Jones in the 60’s TV adaptation)

Other kids had normal crushes on television characters. My first TV crush was Morticia Addams.

Morticia-5(“Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly”)

I was 9 years old when The Addams Family television show premiered.

morticia-anjelica(Anjelica Houston in the 1991 film adaptation)

I’ve been smitten with her ever since.

Morticia-2(“Don’t torture yourself. That’s my job”)

Despite the external creepiness and spookiness, Morticia is a loving wife, a loyal friend and a devoted mother.


She, like every member of the Addams family is genuinely happy with who she is and what is expected of her.

morticia-bibi-2(Bibi Neuwirth on Broadway in The Addams Family musical, 2010)

To me, Morticia Addams is the quintessential Creepy Girl.


Long may you haunt my dreams and fantasies, Tish!


[1] This I found both sad and pleasing. Sad that some people did not even know (let alone appreciate) the works of Charles Addams and his delightfully macabre cartoon family… and pleasing in that it provided me an opportunity to introduce a whole new world to people who would otherwise have gone through life without the comforting ray of creepy moonlight that is The Addams Family.


8 comments on “Creepy Girls (19): Morticia Addams

  1. I love them all, but to me Caroline Jones is the original “live” Morticia aside from the cartoon/comic of Charles Addams.

    • vampyrefangs says:

      Me too, although I really liked Anjelica Houston. I’ve seen video clips of Bibi Neuwirth’s performance on Broadway. (I’m a huge Bibi Neuwirth fan!) The woman who plays Morticia on the new Addams Family TV shows (Ellie Harvie – a nice Canadian girl!) tries hard to duplicate Caroline Jones and comes close. Although I’ve seen photos of Daryl Hannah as Morticia, I’ve never seen any video clips of her performance. Have you?

  2. […] you don’t believe Morticia rules, check out the Vampyre Fangs blog post on the lovely ‘Tish’ here. (Thrilled to say Vampyre Fangs has also featured my blog- […]

  3. Carlie says:

    Angelica Houston was my favorite. I really didn’t like Daryl Hannah’s portrayal too much, but the original cast of the films was so awesome, it’s tough to recreate such dynamite chemistry. The script of the third film was also pretty poor and since the first two scripts were so perfect, the third once again fell short.

    • vampyrefangs says:

      I’ve heard a lot of similar comments from people regarding the third film. I’ve never seen the whole third movie. I suppose I will have to do it one day.
      Thanks so much for the comments! 🙂

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