The Conspiracy Theory Flowchart

The Conspiracy Theory Flowchart by Crispian Jago.

It is a ‘must have’ for Those Who Know!

It’s also a handy guide to The Hopelessly Uninformed.

Crispian's Conspiracy Flowchart(Click on image, then click again to get the full-blown tangle of theories!) 

The Truth is Out There! I Want to Believe.

Hats off to the amazing Crispian Jago. He’s my new hero!


Personal sidenote: I was recently invited to the home of some very dear friends. I love going there. Their generosity and hospitality to me over the years is truly overwhelming. During the evening, I had the rare opportunity (i.e. profound misfortune) of running into someone I’d met there once or twice before. This person holds a black belt in Conspiracy Theories. This person is convinced of their intellectual and moral superiority. This person is also an insufferable Know-It-All. This person is, in short, an colossal bore. I smiled. I nodded. I tried not to stick a fork into the person’s neck.

SOOOO… imagine by delight when I came across Crispian Jago’s invaluable chart this morning! I hope, my little geeks and nerdlings, that you have as much fun with it as I did!

4 comments on “The Conspiracy Theory Flowchart

  1. renxkyoko says:

    The letters are too small. I need a magnifying glass to read it. TT.TT I’m interested to read the flowchart.

    • vampyrefangs says:

      Tsk, tsk, tsk. Of all the renxkyokos in the world, you’re the renxkyokiest!! 😀

      As I wrote below the image, “Click on image, then click again to get the full-blown tangle of theories!”

      Clicking the picture once will take you to the image. Click on it again, and that will enlarge the image.

      Having said that… I MISS YOU!!! Sorry I haven’t been around. I’m about finished the second editing of my first book. (the 2nd book is on its way, too!) I am hoping to get it published online when I get back from Israel on Sept. 11. I know that perhaps I should have put a bit more thought into flying back on 9/11 but.. danger adds spice to life. Or something! 🙂

  2. I absolutely love this, it is positively fantastic! I have a friend who is really cool and geeky and fun to talk with, but then once in a while it’s like he takes a sharp left turn into wtfuckery. I, of course, being the horrible friend that I am, like to mess with him. 😛 I’m going to print this and possibly use it in the future for reference. Thank you so much!

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