Loose Lips Sink Ships!

OK, kiddie-winkers, it looks like incoming missile time again. Between now and Rosh HaShana [1], it looks like there may be air strikes on Syria.

If Syria is attacked, you know Syria (and others) will be shooting rockets and missiles at Israel at an increased rate. They just are. Iron Dome is good but it’s not 100% perfect. So…


Here’s a reminder about a basic fundamental Facebook / Twitter ground rule.

DO NOT POST on Facebook or tweet on Twitter where missiles land in Israel. If they miss and you say “Missiles landed just off the beach in Tel Aviv!” it lets the enemy know to adjust the trajectory accordingly.

Iron Dome

Keep it vague. Keep it safe. As they used to say in the olden days, “Loose Lips Sink Ships!”

It’s even more true today than it was in times past.

We know it’s coming. Let’s get the word out early this time!

Please share.


[1] This year, Rosh HaShana begins Wednesday evening September 4th.


Earth Mosaic

An Earth Mosaic

Thanks once again to the amazing geeks and nerdlings at NASA for this outstanding photo collage!

Explanation: This friendly photo collage is constructed from more than 1,400 images shared by denizens of planet Earth as part of the Cassini Mission’s July 19th Wave at Saturn event

earth-mosaic-s(Earth Waves at Saturn) [1]

The base picture of Earth corresponds to the view from the Saturn-orbiting Cassini spacecraft on that date as its own cameras recorded images including planet Earth as a pale blue dot in the background. Of course, Saturn was 9.65 Astronomical Units away at the time, so it took light from all the waving Earth dwellers just over 80 minutes to travel there. Want to smile? Download and zoom in to the full-resolution (28MB jpg file) collage image available here.


[1] Credit: NASAJPL-CaltechCassini ProjectDenizens of Earth

The Olden Days (Part 1): Kids

There’s something that’s been much on my mind lately.

The Olden Days.

spanking(A caring parent back in the day)

I’ve given it a lot of thought and have come to the inescapable conclusion that when I was young, no one gave a damn about little kids.

We ran amok in the summer for hours on end. Sometimes all day. We went home when the streetlights came on. Adult supervision? Hell, our parents didn’t even know where we were half the time. No one cared. I’m serious.

It goes a long way in explaining the bizarre toys we all loved so much. Firecrackers. Lawn darts. Mercury.

Zero-M-Sonic-Blasters(Hideously dangerous, life-threatening toys)

Dangerous? Toxic? Are you kidding me? That was part of the fun!

You’d go up to a mom on any summer day in those days and ask her where her precious children were and you’d most likely get, “Oh, they’re around somewhere. Probably off with friends doing something.”  Why? No one cared about kids. At best, we were tolerated. Looking back, I get the feeling we were probably considered a form of livestock or necessary evils or some such thing.

lawn-darts(Who the hell thought this was a good idea?)

When I tell teenagers this, they roll their eyes and make that annoying sound deep in their throats. “All older people say the same thing!”

We all say the same thing because it’s true, dammit! You think we got together and made this crap up? Yeah. Millions of grown-ups huddling off to a giant covert midnight meeting in some Top Secret secluded area to decide what we would say about what it was like when we were kids. Holy smokes, the kiddie-winkers are on to us!

mercury(One of my favourite childhood toys)

Nope. There can only be one plausible explanation. Back then, kids were considered fungible goods that were easily replaced. Remember, people, shortly after the Baby Boom, adults were hip-deep in children. Little Suzie or Debbie bounced off the trampoline and into an oncoming Ford Pinto? And the ensuing gas tank explosion ignited the polyester clothing on every kid in a 25 yard radius? Well, it’s not like we can’t make more kids, now, is it?

Such a staggering supply of youngsters not only diminished the demand but it also cheapened the value. When you’re awash in kids, after a while, they’re practically inanimate objects. It’s a weird way to grow up and, given the dramatic change in adult attitudes to children these days, it’s even harder to explain to kids today what it was like back in the olden days.

Teenagers marvel that cars back then did not have air-conditioning. Air-conditioning? We didn’t have seatbelts let alone children’s car seats! Dad slammed on the brakes and you’d go sailing past your parents and out through the windshield. You’re a hood ornament and your folks are yelling at you about how expensive it’s going to be to replace the glass you broke!

atomic-energy-lab(I mean, really. What could go wrong?)

I don’t know exactly when this laissez-faire parental attitude changed but by at least the early 1980s, the pendulum swung the other way. Parents began to be overprotective to an insane degree. I’m not exactly sure which is better. To me, they’re both nuts. There has to be some kind of reasonable middle ground between lawn darts and bouncing around your parents’ car like it was a pinball machine on the one hand and on the other hand evacuating a school because someone brought in a peanut butter sandwich or accidentally dropped a thermometer.

I don’t know which is worse – parents who think their children are idiots so they feel the need to protect them from every possible form of injury… or parents who know their kids are morons who will injure themselves but just don’t give a damn. Both are scary prospects.

It will be very interesting to see what happens when the present crop of college grads starts raising kids of their own.

This is going to be good.


The New… Prime Grill – Elegance par Excellence

Reblogged from The Kosher Scene. Great review, wonderfully written. Well done.

prime-grill-nyc(Prime Grill – 25 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019 – 212.692.9292)

If you’re ever in Manhattan, you HAVE to check out the Prime Grill.

All photos copyright of The Kosher Scene.



The Kosher Scene

I knew I was in for serious trouble when walking back to our cozy, ellipsoidal, tufted leather booth with a bite size bread squarely in my mouth – from the washing station – I ached to skirt a bee-line for seconds of the freshly brick oven baked flatbread pieces. Good thing I didn’t, because Chef David Kolotkin prepared CS, myself and my son, a feast of heavenly scope and perfection… it will take days to walk off and countless years to forget. kosher-scene-copyright-copy22

The place is the new Prime Grill (25 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019 – 212.692.9292) surrounded with neighbors on par like: Henri BendelGucciAbercrombie & Fitch, and the Consulate General of Argentina. The venue is elegant, Great Gatsby meets luxury cruise liner enormous, yet sedate and optimally planned to seat all dining…

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Maya Coronation Scene

The New York Times science writer Kenneth Chang comes through once again!

Within a Maya pyramid in Guatemala, archaeologists have uncovered a large stucco frieze depicting gods and godlike rulers. The lead archaeologist, Francisco Estrada-Belli, told USA Today that the scene probably depicts the crowning of a new king.

maya-frieze(Archeologist cleans surface of large frieze found in Maya pyramid in Guatemala) [1]

The 26 feet by 6 feet frieze dates to about A.D. 590, during the classic period of Maya civilization and a rivalry between two dynasties. An inscription revealed that this site, a small city named Holmul, had switched sides, from the Tikal kingdom to the Kaan kingdom.


[1] Photo credit: European Pressphoto Agency

The Best of…Harley Quinn

I’ve loved Harley Quinn from the moment I first saw her. My personal favourite Harley Quinn Cosplayer is Joker’s Harley, America!

Harley-Quinn-61(Joker’s Harley)



league of extraordinary cosplayers

harley quinn jessica nigri

Harley Quinn, much loved DC villain, hopelessly devoted to the Joker and Poison’s Ivy partner in crime.Harley Quinn is a very popular cosplay and there are so many amazing Harley’s out there – here are just some of the best I could find from around the world!

Jessica Nigri, America
Photographer Larry Alan

Harley Quinn is the psychotic clingy girlfriend we all are deep inside. We all don’t want to let you go, we all would do anything for you, and if you ever left us we would kill you!

harley quinn 01Alienqueen, England
Photographer Sonesh Joshi Photography

I absolutely love Harley Quinn, shes obsessive, crazy, and in your face all the time, she doesn’t care about anything apart from her beloved Joker! I loved being her, and I love seeing peoples interpretations of her.

Paula Vasquez, Argentina

harley quinn paula vasquezHarley was my favourite character from BTAS as a child. When I started cosplaying…

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