Coolest Onesies EVER!

They’re cool.


They’re nerdy.


They’re geeky.


I can’t get enough of them!


Are these the cutest onesies or what??


It’s never too early for your child to get in touch with its inner nerd!


Have your baby embrace the geekiness within.


You’re never too young to pun.


And where better to put nerd icons this this guy…


Or this guy…


Yes, even this guy!


So go nuts, my little geeks and nerdlings!


Show them who dresses their kids better than anyone.


We’re smart.


We have our own style of charm.


And we rock!


We’re good!


We’re awesome…


And we know it!


Ten points for Gryffindor!!



Abandoned Places: Churches

People come, settle, build and live their lives.

And sometimes…

church-01(‘Holey Trinity’ Photo by rustyjaw)

People leave.

There are many reasons why…

church-02(Church in Gary, Indiana. Photo by eholubow)

But one thing is common…

church-03(St Dunstan-in-the-East. Photo by yorkshire stacked)

They can’t take their churches with them.

The congregation moves on…

church-04(St Etienne. Photo by Jurg Roessen)

But the building – the structure…

That is left behind.

church-05(Ivy Ruins, Belgium. Photo by John Neville Cohen)

They are living testaments to the idea….

church-06(Abandoned church in autumn. Photo by *CainPascoe)

You can’t take it with you.


Aurora and Unusual Clouds Over Iceland

Aurora and Unusual Clouds Over Iceland

What’s happening in the sky? On this cold winter night in Iceland, quite a lot. First, in the foreground, lies the largest glacier in IcelandVatnajokull. On the far left, bright green auroras appear to emanate from the glacier as if it was a volcano. Aurora light is reflected by the foreground lake Jökulsárlón.

aurora-iceland(Image Credit & Copyright: Stéphane Vetter (Nuits sacrées)

On the far right is a long and unusual lenticular cloud tinged with green light emitted from another aurora well behind it. Just above this lenticular cloud are unusual iridescent lenticular clouds displaying a broad spectral range of colors. Far beyond the lenticular is the setting Moon, while far beyond even the Moon are setting stars. The above image was captured in late March of 2012.

Thanks, as always, to NASA and its Astronomy Picture of the Day.


Cat Art

Some of my friends are ‘cat people’ who raise anthropomorphism to a high art.

I take a modified Schrödinger approach to feline fleabags. I know they are alive. They’re just dead to me.


And I am saying this as a former ‘cat person’ who was infested with four (4) cats in a one bedroom condo.

Years later, I underwent a conversion or sorts. I became a ‘dog person.’

Now, I am a ‘keep those bloody parasites away from me!’ kind of person.

All of this is by way of introduction to why I am tickled by this cartoon.


It’s from the comic strip Pooch Cafe by Paul Gilligan (Monday, November 18, 2013).

As the object of my first (real life) love would say, TBIM! (Too Bad It’s Monday!) Have a great day.


Gigantic Hurricane on Saturn

Cassini captures gigantic hurricane on Saturn in exquisite detail

Saturn, for example, has an odd hexagonal pattern in the clouds at its north pole, and when the planet tilted enough to illuminate it, the light revealed a giant hurricane embedded in the center of the hexagon. Scientists think the immense storm may have been there for years.

The photo below was taken by the Cassini orbiter in June of 2013.

saturn-hurricane(Image: NASA/JPL)

This breathtaking photo comes to us courtesy of the Jet Propulsion Laboratories at NASA.

It was taken by the Cassini orbiter in June of 2013.