The Conspiracy Theory Flowchart

The Conspiracy Theory Flowchart by Crispian Jago.

It is a ‘must have’ for Those Who Know!

It’s also a handy guide to The Hopelessly Uninformed.

Crispian's Conspiracy Flowchart(Click on image, then click again to get the full-blown tangle of theories!) 

The Truth is Out There! I Want to Believe.

Hats off to the amazing Crispian Jago. He’s my new hero!


Personal sidenote: I was recently invited to the home of some very dear friends. I love going there. Their generosity and hospitality to me over the years is truly overwhelming. During the evening, I had the rare opportunity (i.e. profound misfortune) of running into someone I’d met there once or twice before. This person holds a black belt in Conspiracy Theories. This person is convinced of their intellectual and moral superiority. This person is also an insufferable Know-It-All. This person is, in short, an colossal bore. I smiled. I nodded. I tried not to stick a fork into the person’s neck.

SOOOO… imagine by delight when I came across Crispian Jago’s invaluable chart this morning! I hope, my little geeks and nerdlings, that you have as much fun with it as I did!


The 3 S’s… Star. Smile. Strong!

Broadway Danny Rose’s 3 S’s… Star. Smile. Strong!

mantis-dance(© Hasan Baglar)

“If you take my advice, I think you’re going to become one of the great preying mantis dance acts of all time. Really.”


The Sony World Photography Awards.

Timing is Everything!


Here are some incredible photographs…


that were taken at exactly the right moment!


What I hate most about the digital cameras I’ve used…


Is that there is a one-second delay…


From the time you press the shutter release button…


Until the time the camera takes the shot.


This means that you always capture the moment…


Exactly one second after the one you meant to take!


Very frustrating.


It’s like you’ve had something stolen from you!