It’s Spring!

And a wonderful spring day to you, too!


Enjoy it!



Gnome Sweet Gnome

For the Goth Gardener out there…


More fun stuff from the guys and ghouls at Gorey Details!


Spring is on its way. What better way to spruce up your garden?


Skeleton Garden Gnome Lady –
Skeleton Garden Gnome Gent –


Venus Milky Way Rise

A View from The Zone

Explanation: Brilliant Venus and the central Milky Way rise in the early morning hours of March 1 in this sea and skyscape.

SeaIsleCityVenusMilkyWayRise(A View from the Zone – Image Credit: Jack Fusco)

The scene looks out from a beach at Sea Isle City, New Jersey, USA, planet Earth. Of course, Earth orbits well within the solar system’s habitable zone, that Goldilocks region not too close and not too far from the Sun where surface temperatures can support liquid water.

[For a wallpaper size photo (1600 x 1067), click here.]

Similar in size to Earth, Venus lies just beyond the inner boundary of the habitable zone. The watery reflection of light from our inhospitable sister planet is seen along a calm, cold ocean and low cloud bank.