This is more like it!

Those who know me know that I hate the heat. And the humidity. And nice weather.

And most of all, sunshine. I literally cannot stand the feel of it on my skin.

Try and appreciate that I am writing this on a sunny afternoon in July. Temperature  33C (91.4F). I hate it.

Everyone says I should live in the Hebrides. [1] 


From what I understand, I would thoroughly enjoy the place!

Be that as it may, I occasionally stumble across a photograph that captures much of what I consider an ideal setting for me.

Such is the case with the photograph below…

bridge(Now this is more like it!)

Overcast, almost dark, misty, cool, damp. I’m not sure where this photo was taken. Could be anywhere, I suppose.

I just love it.

The only improvement I would make would be that the season be autumn. Mid-October to be precise. Cool days, cold nights. Colourful trees.

Just over two more months of summer left. It cannot end too soon for me.


[1] The Hebrides (/ˈhɛbrɨdz/Scottish GaelicInnse Gall) comprise a widespread and diverse archipelago off the west coast of mainland Scotland. There are two main groups: the Inner and Outer Hebrides. These islands have a long history of occupation dating back to the Mesolithic and the culture of the residents has been affected by the successive influences of CelticNorse and English-speaking peoples. This diversity is reflected in the names given to the islands, which are derived from the languages that have been spoken there in historic and perhaps prehistoric times.


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