Creepy Girls (20): Psycho Chicks in Hell

Let’s face it, Insane Asylums (or if you prefer, Psycho Wards, Loony Bins or Funny Farms) are awful places at the best of times.

But add to the natural horrifying nature an additional element… an impossibly deranged young lady in an insane asylum so awful as to make her mental disorders look like mild mood swings in comparison… and you have the makings of a truly Creepy Girl.

I ran across this photo the other day and it pretty well encapsulates this feeling for me.


The filthy abandoned room, the iron bed with no mattress, the Raggedy Ann doll, the thin girl bound to the antique wheelchair, the sheet of plastic… and of course the nurse behind it.

And for all we know, this young lady can actually be sitting in some perfectly-run institution somewhere, well cared for by devoted highly-trained staff. And yet… this may very well be how that girl perceives her surroundings and, indeed, her very existence.

Everything combines to portray the hopelessly hellish nature of insanity.



3 comments on “Creepy Girls (20): Psycho Chicks in Hell

  1. I’ve always wanted to spend time undercover as a patient in a psych ward. See whether these places have improved or stayed the same. Badass photo as well.

    • vampyrefangs says:

      Ohhh, be careful what you wish for! I’ve heard stories (urban legends?) about reporters, actors, relatives and other people going [under cover] into psych wards and asylums to research and investigate and then not be able to get out. Safety tip… tell people what you’re doing so if a few days go by and you’re not back, people can come get you out! 🙂

      Thanks for your comments and kind words. 🙂

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