The Twilight Saga – BREAKING DAWN (Part 2): The Fifth Level of Hell

At last... It’s finished. It’s done.

Our long national nightmare is finally over!

Last night, I watched the last… oh Lord, that word never tasted so good in my mouth… The Last Installment of The Twilight Movie Saga – BREAKING DAWN (Part 2)!

breakingdawn_part2[The Twilight Saga – BREAKING DAWN (Part 2) DVD cover]

I suffered through those five movies… a dozen or so hours of my life that I can never get back… and now it is finished.

OK, here’s the deal… Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy and nine or so other actresses who portray Renesmee as she grows up), the half-human half-vampire child of Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) is maturing at an alarming rate. In a matter of a few months, she grows from infant to about 9 years old.

Mayhem ensues when… The Volturi [1] find out about Renesmee. To them, she is an abomination and must be destroyed. Aro (Michael Sheen) and Jane (Dakota Fanning) are particularly enthusiastic about killing the Cullen tot.

My two cents… For all my whining and whinging, Breaking Dawn (Part 2) is not awful. It’s not great but it definitely not dreadful. Unless you’re already a fan of the Twilight Saga, don’t bother seeing this movie. But if you are already a fan, you will probably find Breaking Dawn (Part 2) the best of the bunch.

Bottom line… Not as wretched as I thought it would be.


[1] The Volturi are the largest, most ancient and most powerful coven of vampires. They enforce the laws of the vampire world. They equivalent of royalty in the vampire world.


4 comments on “The Twilight Saga – BREAKING DAWN (Part 2): The Fifth Level of Hell

  1. renxkyoko says:

    I have all the books… gift from Mom. We also have the dvds . I don’t hate the twilight saga, but for some reason, I have not read a single word of the books, and had watched just 2 of the movie adaptations. I think I should watch the movies. What the heck. I have a crush on Robert Pattinson since his Cedric days in Harry Potter.

    • vampyrefangs says:

      My problem with the Twilight Saga (books & movies) is the harm they’ve done to vampyre fiction/lore. An entire generation of young people have grown up with the image of vampyres as sparkling angst-ridden teens. Meyer has de-fanged vampyres and, much worse, made them boring. Edward Cullen is the decaf espresso of vampyres. Now, I’m sure lots of people like decaf espresso but to me… what’s the point?

      ANYWAY… yeah, Cedric Diggory. Forgot all about him! LOL

  2. I read the books and was pleased. But most movies, not all, but most don’t live up to the book. Our minds are much better at picturing the characters and action. I’m with you on this one. Lots of bites…LOL Emily

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