Sweet as Death: Skull and Bones Sugar


Sweet as Death: Skull and Bones Sugar


Thanks as always to the beautiful and always wonderful Eva Halloween for this sweet treat!



You’re the best, sweetie!


Sugar Skulls by Snow Violent via Haute MacabreMonday is once again at our doorstep, darlings, and there’s nothing to start the week off right than a good cup of coffee. If you take yours as the 17th century Turks apocryphally suggest, “black as Hell, strong as death, and sweet as love,” these lovely skull and bones sugar cubes by Snow Violent may be just what you need for the perfect cup. And if coffee isn’t your cup of tea (so to speak), perhaps neatly louched into a glass or two of absinthe?

(from Sighs from the Depths via Haute Macabre)

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10 comments on “Sweet as Death: Skull and Bones Sugar

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Uhm… * cough * I’m not sure if I’d want to see the skull cubes in my coffee. 6.6″

  2. renxkyoko says:

    ~( ^_^~) (~^_^ )~

  3. renxkyoko says:

    I’m dancin’…. to the left, to the right….

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