Thinking Costume: Jessica Rabbit, Original Ginger

Jessica Rabbit is one of my all time favourite ‘hot’ cartoon girls! The fact that she’s a Ginger makes her even hotter!


Jessica Rabbit Untooned by Pixeloo

Jessica Rabbit, drawn with a smooth wave of long hair falling over one eye, is an iconic redhead, named as the sexiest animated character of all time and evoking classic silver screen beauties from the 40’s like Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake. Read on for some thoughts on costuming and makeup to bring your own sultry Jessica Rabbit look to life, complete with tutorials and real-life cosplay examples, or jump straight to our Jessica Rabbit cosplay gallery here!

An exaggerated callback to those body-fitting gowns of the 1940’s, the basic Jessica Rabbit costume is long, red dress, strapless gown with a low back and sweetheart neckline, slit to the thigh.  Accessories include opera length (look for 16″-23″ lengths to reach above the elbow) purple gloves, red pumps, and gold-tone stud earrings, as you can see in Jessica’s signature musical number below.

From a costuming perspective, thegloves

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