The Pink Helmet Posse!

The Pink Helmet Posse!

Relz Murphy, Sierra Kerr, and Bella Kenworthy are tearing up skate parks in Southern California.

Why? Because they can!!

mighty-girls-01(The Pink Helmet Posse – LOVE the pink tutu!)

Proving, once again, that girls can ride just as well as boys.

Well done, ladies. Give ’em heck!



Lightning – Jeremy Holmes photography

 Lightning – Jeremy Holmes photography

Saw this photo on Facebook  yesterday and had to share it.

jeremy-holmes-photo(Credit: © Jeremy Holmes photography)





Over the Top


Explanation: The central bulge of our Milky Way Galaxy rises above a sea of clouds in this ethereal scene. An echo of the Milky Way’s dark dust lanes, the volcanic peak in foreground silhouette is on France’s Réunion Island in the southern Indian Ocean.

OverTheTop_Perrot(Image Credit: Luc Perrot)

 Taken in February, the photograph was voted the winner of the 2014 International Earth and Sky Photo Contest’s Beauty of the Night Sky Category. This and other winning and noteable images from the contest were selected from over a thousand entries from 55 countries around planet Earth. Also featured in the contest compilation video (vimeo), the moving images are a testament to the importance and beauty of our world at night.



Thanks, as always, to NASA and their amazing Astronomy Picture of the Day site.

This is more like it! (5): Country Gate

Saw this and had to share it… and the haiku poem it inspired in me.



Sun low in the sky

A spectrum of autumn hues

Lonely country gate

I am at best a mediocre haiku poet… but I so love the style.

I try to write according to my own personal rules.

  • Each of the three stanzas must be capable of standing on its own (i.e. no splitting of one longer sentence into two or three stanzas);
  • There should be a reference to the seasons, nature or the elements.

This is for Susan, my poetic muse. I miss you.


Tiny Mouse

Those who know me appreciate that I am not overly into ‘cute’ stuff… except for my well-deserved reputation as being a Hello Kitty fanatic.

But when I saw this photo…


I just couldn’t resist!


My apologies for not being around as often as I usually am. I am in the process of editing my second book in The Great Dead North series (editing sucks, btw). I hope to the have the first two books published online and available for purchase next month both as downloads and print on demand. I am presently working on the third book in the series. Thank you so much for my readers and supporters, especially Kim, Jessica, Jenn and Joyce, for their constant encouragement.


Who Says Goths Have No Sense of Romance?

Heaven forfend!

black-calla-lily(Black Calla Lilies)

Saw these photos this morning on Facebook over at Gory Details!

bridal-gown(Bridal gown)

Goths can be romantic as all get out!

black-roses(Black roses)

In the right circumstances, goths are bustin’ out in romance!

wedding-cake(Wedding cake)

You just need to know where to look.

heart-vase(Heartthrob vase)

Have a darkly romantic day!