Why I Dislike Cats

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t actually hate cats. At one point, I even had four cats.


No, really. I did.


But my affection for the little fleabags died off a long time ago.


Because cats are evil.


You can’t take it personally. They’re not just evil at you or because of you or even something you did or said.


They’re born evil. They come out of the package that way.


Evil and stupid. Now that is a dangerous combination right there.


They’re not cute or adorable or endearing or sweet or anything like that. At all.


They’re fur-bearing parasites. Feline freeloaders. They should be discouraged at every opportunity.


Stop the madness!


That is all.


As an extra bonus attraction, please see this wonderful Huffingtonpost article!

2 comments on “Why I Dislike Cats

  1. I can relate to the puke on the chair and then sitting on it. No fun!
    Still love my 13-year-old kitty 🙂

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