Goth Boots & Tights

I’ve always harboured a love in the dark spooky gothy part of my soul for boots & tights.

They captivate me… get my spirit to take on an ebony sheen.


When I saw this photo over at Eleanor Keane’s The Breathing Ghost Series blog, I had to share it!

It shook me right down to my little black boots!


*happy sigh*


6 comments on “Goth Boots & Tights

  1. eleanorkeane says:

    So glad you like them! :p Thanks for the follow, and please feel free to check out my novel ‘The Breathing Ghosts’ on Amazon- with plenty of vampires and plenty of awesome Goth boots and tights! ;D

  2. sabbiespurses says:

    Love the corset tights! I’ll pin the image to my Pinterest Board that I named “Heels and Threads.”

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