Grammars Don’t Makes You Into Geekazoid

Grammars Don’t Makes You Into Geekazoid


Reblogged from the The Literal Loudmouth.


The Literal Loudmouth

    Oh dear almighty Father in heaven, may grammar like this title never appear again over the entire course of humanity. Not only does this phrase slander every known truth in the universe, including the commandment of not committing murder, it also is so offensive it would put The Ugly Stepsisters to shame. Please God, just eradicate these types of sentences from existence… In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    These are just one of the many prayers I must make every time I open my Internet Browser, because there are sentences like this plaguing the cybernetic world every single day. The internet has now become a place where we may publish these forsaken sentences onto the bowels of the internet history, and unfortunately, there will continually be the opportunity for many more to come. Comments on Youtube videos, facebook statuses, even blogs I admit… they become the grammatical battlefield, where in most cases…

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