Rub a Dub Dub!

I’m known to have more than my share of little quirks.

Copper-Tub(Copper Bathtub)

One of them is bathtubs.

Wooden-Tub(Wooden bathtub)

I ran across these photos at the Beautiful Homes & Designs website.

Circular-Stone-Jacuzzi-Tub(Circular stone bathtub

What appeals to me are bathtubs made of new and unusual materials.

Crystal-Bath-Tub(A crystal bathtub! WOW!)

They’re great!

Stone-Tub(Stone bathtub)

Can’t you just see yourself in them?

Natural-Rock-Tub(Natural Rock Bathtub)

I love it!

Long-Rectangular-Tub(Long rectangular bathtub)

When it comes to bathtubs, to me, more is more…

Indoor-Rock-Jacuzzi-Tub(Indoor Rock Jacuzzi tub)

Bigger is better.

Serene-Jacuzzi-Tub(Serene Jacuzzi-Tub)

As always… It’s all about me! *happy sigh* 🙂



4 comments on “Rub a Dub Dub!

  1. bunnynoah says:

    I want one of these… or maybe all of them! 😉

  2. It sure is nice being rich!

  3. Oh, these are stunning.

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