Down by the River…

It’s the middle two weeks of October.

river-02s(Vines along my backyard fence)

My favourite time of the year.

river-01s(Fall colours everywhere. Behind my house, the maples are green as Gumby!)

So I decided to take my cheap little camera out to capture some of the fall sights.

river-03s(This maple is 50 yards from my house. My trees could look like that.. but NOOO!)

And colours in my neighbourhood.

river-05s(Both the river and the canal are within blocks of my house)

And down by the river.


That would be the Welland River in the Niagara Peninsula of southern Ontario

river-06ws(One thing about living here… there sure is a heck of a lot of water!)

This part of the country has lakes, canals, rivers, streams, ponds. You name it. We got it.

river-07cu(This is a bit more like it!)

The last couple of days have been wonderful. Cool days, cold nights. Lots of colour.


When you drive along the river, stuff like this leaps out. You can’t help but notice.


Houses along the river are getting into the spirit of things.


Take a limo to the airport? Hell, no!


It’s such a shame that this time of year goes by so quickly.


I will do my best to enjoy it while I can!



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