A New Year Begins Thursday!

The countdown to a new year. Honey, sweetness, freshness. A new perspective on things.

Old mingles with new. Tradition blends seamlessly with the unexpected. It is a joyful time, full of possibilities.

apples(New, fresh, sweet!)

And yet, there is also an element of introspection. We resolve not to repeat the mistakes of past and look to a bright future. Being better next time.  We prepare for the coming day of judgment. All our deeds evaluated and marked down either for praise or condemnation.

Anticipation mounts among the faithful with a religious fervour as we come ever closer to Thursday.

Yes, my dear friends, it’s…



May all the designers & models be inscribed for a good year!


Wishing everyone a sweet, joyous, meaningful season!


Oh, and by the way… Thursday’s also the first day of Rosh HaShana!

A gutten un a gezinter yor. A gebensht un a zeeser yor!


2 comments on “A New Year Begins Thursday!

  1. Elaine Anderson says:

    You had me going there for a minute….

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