The Best of…Harley Quinn

I’ve loved Harley Quinn from the moment I first saw her. My personal favourite Harley Quinn Cosplayer is Joker’s Harley, America!

Harley-Quinn-61(Joker’s Harley)



league of extraordinary cosplayers

harley quinn jessica nigri

Harley Quinn, much loved DC villain, hopelessly devoted to the Joker and Poison’s Ivy partner in crime.Harley Quinn is a very popular cosplay and there are so many amazing Harley’s out there – here are just some of the best I could find from around the world!

Jessica Nigri, America
Photographer Larry Alan

Harley Quinn is the psychotic clingy girlfriend we all are deep inside. We all don’t want to let you go, we all would do anything for you, and if you ever left us we would kill you!

harley quinn 01Alienqueen, England
Photographer Sonesh Joshi Photography

I absolutely love Harley Quinn, shes obsessive, crazy, and in your face all the time, she doesn’t care about anything apart from her beloved Joker! I loved being her, and I love seeing peoples interpretations of her.

Paula Vasquez, Argentina

harley quinn paula vasquezHarley was my favourite character from BTAS as a child. When I started cosplaying…

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One comment on “The Best of…Harley Quinn

  1. Love it! Especially the hair.

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