Awesome June Supermoon Photos!

The June 22-23 Supermoon has come and gone!

supermoon-1(Sultanate of Oman. Photo credit: Priya Kumar)

For those who want a bit more of the supermoon glamour…

supermoon-2(Chester, South Carolina. Photo credit: Ann Thomas Grant)

…here are a few photos from this past weekend!

supermoon-3(Basilica of Superga (Turin, Italy) Photo credit: Stefano de Rosa)

I’ve always been a sucker for a full moon!

supermoon-4(Oakhurst, California. Photo credit: Steve Montalto)

And the Supermoons are going to get even more super in the next few years!

2013 June 23 356,991 km
2014 August 10 356,896 km
2015 September 28 356,877 km
2016 November 14 356,509 km

supermoon-jerusalem(Old City Jerusalem, Israel. Photo credit: Jim Hollander)

So let’s look forward to bigger better more superer Supermoons in the future!


More Super Moon photos here and here!


6 comments on “Awesome June Supermoon Photos!

  1. Awesome! I like seeing the moon “up close.”

  2. renxkyoko says:

    For some reason, a moon very close to earth kind of scares me. Reminds me of the movie that I watched on cable…… the moon collided with earth. End of the world, obviously.

  3. Izcentric says:

    I love seeing such beautiful photos of the moon. The lunar light is a lovely thing to enjoy. It is also the perfect concept for me nominating you for the Shine On blogger award!

    • vampyrefangs says:

      Thank you. Oh, my goodness. Thank you. Where do I begin. Umm… I want to thank the Academy. And Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. And all the geeks and nerdlings over at Industrial Light & Magic for making me look so lifelike on the big screen. And of course all the little people who’ve supported me over the last 2 years. I could not have done this without you… or people very much like you! Thank you!

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