LWC & I Invade Comic-Con (Part 2)!

As I confessed in my previous blog article, until this past Sunday I have never attended any Comic-Con event ever.

All that changed when my trusty superhero sidekick LWC and I entered Comic-Con Niagara Falls 2013!


LWC had the good sense to bring her own backup forces! [1]

CCNF-22-cu(LWC happy to be at Comic-Con!)

Her gang, all of whom are comic-book superhero fans, loved the vendors and the merchandize!

CCNF-03-sm(One of my personal favourites!)

There were cars…

CCNF-12-sm(The TV Batmobile!)

And stars…

CCNF-09-cu(A blurry Adam West – He’s a lot faster than you’d think!)

And more stars…

CCNF-11-cu(No Close-Up for You!)

But my personal all-time favourite thing at Comic-Con was the Cosplay!

CCNF-04-sm(Well there’s something you don’t see every day!)

Some were intricate and well executed…

CCNF-18-sm(Spent time talking with this girl and the costume’s creator!)

Some were superhero sexy…

CCNF-23-sm(Colour me patriotic!)

Some were destabilizingly hot…

CCNF-14-sm(O… M… G!)

Some were Steampunk!

CCNF-08-sm(Where’s Jules Verne when you really need him?)

And some were…

CCNF-07-sm(Naughty girl!)

Harley Quinn…

CCNF-02-sm(Harley and friends!)

Harley Quinn…

CCNF-10-sm(Modern Harley!)

Harley Quinn…

CCNF-19-sm(Casual Harley!)

Harley Quinn…

CCNF-05-sm(“Hi, it’s me. Enough with the Harley Quinn photos, already!”)

These girls were a riot…

CCNF-16-sm(Yea, team!)

Even saw a Cosplay Agent Romanoff (Black Widow) kick some serious butt!

CCNF-13-sm(3 seconds later, this guy was on the floor!)

However, the Comic-Con Niagara Falls 2013 award for Best Costume Ever goes to…

CCNF-15-sm(Hmmm… I think there may have been a bit of election vote-rigging here!)

Well… let’s just say that there have been calls for a recount.

All in all, a good time was had by everyone.

Next stop…


Fan Expo Canada 2013!!


[1] Backup forces consisted of her husband and four sons!


4 comments on “LWC & I Invade Comic-Con (Part 2)!

  1. Cool that you got to see TV’s Adam West!

    • vampyrefangs says:

      It was great. My problem, of course, is that I always have this mental image of him frozen in time from when he was younger. He’s still sharp and witty and charming but he just looks so darn old. My problem, not his.

      Seeing the Soup Nazi was cool too!

  2. bunnynoah says:

    Glad you finally got to go to one of these events! If you’re really planning on attending the TO one, go very early as the line up to get in is usually HUGE!!!

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