LWC & I Invade Niagara Falls Comic-Con!

At the risk of losing all of my geeky-nerd cred, I’m not an über-nerd or mega-geek.

I don’t collect comic books. I haven’t seen every single episode of Dr Who (sorry, Meghan!). I don’t know every single superhero and supervillain created by DC comics and Marvel Comics. Neither Stan Lee nor Leonard Nimoy have restraining orders against me.

I have longed long to go to ‘Nerdvana’ (i.e. the geektastic San Diego Comic-Con)… but have not yet managed to do so.

In fact… *deep breath*… I’ve never been to any Comic-Con. Ever.

That is, until yesterday!


My trusty supernerd sidekick LWC and I did manage to attend the Niagara Falls Comic-Con this past weekend!

It is not completely inaccurate to say we were like kids in a candy store!

There was a lot to like. The vendors and all the merchandize, the celebrities, the good-natured humour of almost all of the convention-goers.


But what I loved best were the Cosplay people!

One of the things I’d always heard about Comic-Con are the people who come dressed in costume. Some are silly, some are cute. And some are really wonderful.


Lucky for me, there were lots of girls dressed up as Harley Quinn, one of my favourite comic book characters.

Iron Man and Captain America were also popular.

There were even a few Steampunk costumes.

Sadly, when I got home, my camera didn’t work. When I get it repaired (or buy a new one), I will post the photos I took!

I may not be a turbo-nerd but I sure am spaztastic! 🙂


Note: This is my 300th article for Vampyre Fangs! Thanks to all you little geeks and nerdlings for liking and following my blog! More to come in the future! 🙂


2 comments on “LWC & I Invade Niagara Falls Comic-Con!

  1. bunnynoah says:

    Congratulations on your 300th entry! And congratulations on attending your first Comic Con! I’m glad you had a blast! 🙂

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