Cool Science Update: May 2013

Cool Science Updates for May, 2o13…

  • NASA’s Cassini spacecraft sent back images of a hurricane on Saturn that measures 2,000 kms;
  • A bioengineered windpipe made with stem cells was transplanted into a two year old girl;
  • A study found that inflammation in the hypothalamus may be the cause of aging;


  • A possible reason was identified for why embryonic sand sharks eat their siblings in the womb;
  • Researchers 3D print an ear from cells. It contains the electronic components that will allow it to work as a functioning ear;
  • Researchers re-sensitized antibiotic resistant superbugs using a complex found in human breast milk.



2 comments on “Cool Science Update: May 2013

  1. Conor Cullen says:

    Science gives me such hope.

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