The Hidden Synagogue

Found at Reddit, these are photos of a mind-bending piece of artwork. The contributor described it thusly:

“I got this from grandfather before he died. First used by hidden Jews during the inquisition, it is shaped like a teapot, but contains many secret Judaica pieces. The Hidden Synagogue.”


The original photos are at Imgur. I cannot adequately express in words how beautiful this is.


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  1. As reader bklyngalinla has pointed out in the comments below, this piece is a contemporary work of art, rather than being from the inquisition or holocaust periods. However, it is based on older pieces, and is in itself still a phenomenal piece of artwork. Here is a link to another blog that gives more information. I, also, am guilty of not doing any research on my own to verify the facts as stated by the original poster. This, however, has not seemed to dampen reader response to this post, which has been overwhelming – I thank everyone who has come by, simply because I chose to share something I found beautiful and faith-affirming.
  2. The title “hidden synagogue” is not mine, but those of the original poster at Reddit. A number of readers have rightly pointed out that this device would have been used in a home and not a

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3 comments on “The Hidden Synagogue

  1. renxkyoko says:

    That’s amazing ! ! I love to read about stuff like this…. secrets, etc.

  2. Beautiful! And very clever.

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