Bat-Eating Spiders on the Prowl

Great article by The Bug Enthusiast on two of my most favouritest critters… spiders and bats.

But… why can’t they all just get along? 😦


The Bug Enthusiast

As if spiders weren’t terrifying enough, they’re now widely eating bats. Like, all over the place.

Previously thought to happen very rarely, researchers have recently recorded over 52 cases of bats (albeit small ones) being eaten whole by massive, massive spiders. The species of bats and spiders involved vary from case to case but it does seem to happen more in tropical climates.

In most cases it seems the spiders don’t intend to catch the bats, they simply build their super-sticky webs next to bat-infested buildings. Still, little consolation if you’re the bat.

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4 comments on “Bat-Eating Spiders on the Prowl

  1. That’s one crazy looking spider!

  2. renxkyoko says:

    harry Potter made me a scaredy cat. I wasn’t really scared before, but when I saw the huge spider on HP and how scary and gross looking they were, it turned me into a wuss.

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