Cool Science Update: March 2013

While the rest of us were napping or doing whatever we do, the little geeks and nerdlings out in Scienceland have been hard at work.

Here are some cool science achievements so far this month!

  • Nanoparticles infused with toxic bee venom were found to kill HIV.
  • New evidence suggests the thick ice on Europa has leaks, and that the liquid water is salty.
  • A breath test for stomach cancer was announced.


  • A man had 75% of his skill replaced with a 3D printed plastic prosthetic (I SO want a 3D printer!).
  • The first documented case of a child being cured of HIV was announced.
  • The Hubble Telescope spotted a Space Invader shaped galaxy.

Cool or what??

Keep on keeping on, science guys! You make our world a better place.



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