Hooded Crows (and why I love them!)

During my recent mind-blowing trip to Israel, one of the things that I did not expect to blow my mind was the local birds.

Well, one bird in particular.

And not the bluish sparrow-like thing that flew into my daughter’s kitchen one morning and damn near gave the poor kid a heart attack.

No, I am referring to my new feathered best friend…

hooded-crow-2(Hooded Crow [Corvus cornix])

The Hooded Crow. Corvus cornix. My new best friend. It has the power and mysticism of a black crow but something extra. A kind of spirituality that I noticed immediately. Its colouring… or technically monochromatic quality… gives it a more complex range of anthropomorphic possibilities!

The Hooded Crow gets around. Italy. Scandinavia. Scotland. Ireland. Eastern Europe. Russia. The middle East. The Nile Delta…


I am sure I must have seen this crow when I was in Italy but for some reason, it didn’t register with me as powerfully as it did last month when I was in Israel.


This guy is not unlike our American Crow. It’s a bit bigger, I think. And, to me, it was much quieter. Our crows caw at the drop of a hat. I don’t remember Hooded Crows being that noisy. I could be wrong but I don’t remember them making a lot of racket.


But the coolest part is that is seems to me to be the fact that the Hooded Crow is not so much wearing a hood as it is wearing a kind of grey vest. Black head, wings, legs, tail, etc… but a grey body.

VERY cool. And they’re everywhere!

They tend to flit around more than our local crows so it is difficult (at least for me) to get a decent shot of one.


I suppose it didn’t help that I kept yelling, “Ermahgerd! HERDERD CRERS!”

We have GOT to get these birds in Canada. Seriously!!



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