Memory Drift (by Richard Baxter)

As I do virtually every morning, I was checking out the images at when I saw this picture

Floating-House(Memory Drift by Richard Baxter)

I think it’s an incredible work of art.

The PhotoBotos article for the piece links to this wonderful (and very short) video, also by Richard Baxter.

“Finally the house takes flight, memories drift quietly away… ”

Ghostly. Meditative. [1] Fantastic!

Thanks, PhotoBotos. As always, you make my day! [2]


[1] Re: Sound Effects on Video…

Created in After Effects, (best quality viewed in HD at 720p.) I’m looking forward to creating much more.

HC of Headphone Commute, who recorded the creaking floorboard noises you can hear in the background, said:
“the recording of creaking floorboards came from a silent meditation retreat that I was on. At the end of the retreat the staff opened a small room full of books and education material on meditation, and about 50 people or so were silently walking around the room and looking at various books. I had my recorder with me, so I rushed to capture this particular sound. It was very unique, and super authentic…”

Which is perfect, as the floating house is very meditative.

Visit to see the making of Memory Drift the oil painting, and more artwork.

[2] I cannot recommend too highly going to the PhotoBotos site and having their photos emailed to you daily. The images there never fail to fill me with inspiration, delight and an appreciation for the beautiful and awesome things in life.


5 comments on “Memory Drift (by Richard Baxter)

  1. Very cool! I will definitely check out the PhotoBotos site.

  2. renxkyoko says:

    The first thing that came to mind was Wizard of Oz.

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