Creepy Girls (16): Suspension (part 2)

I ran into these images the other day which fit into a certain theme in macabre photographs… girls floating or suspended.

I dealt with this subject in a post last year.

Sometimes, as in the image above, you see the entire body levitating for no apparent reason.

As in most of these kinds of images, the faces are rarely seen. Either the hair falls in front of the face, or as in the photograph below, the face is hidden behind something.


Often times, the entire body is not seen. Only a part is shown, hovering above the ground or floor.


Bare feet are quite common but, as in the first photo above, not universal.

Are they held up by some supernatural force? Usually. Are they hanging on or from something? Sometimes. More often than not, that is left to the viewer’s imagination.

All seem to evoke a feeling of unease and discomfort.

In other words… they’re creepy.



3 comments on “Creepy Girls (16): Suspension (part 2)

  1. ladyhexen says:

    They are so creepy, I love them!

  2. renxkyoko says:

    Indeed ! Creepy! The one hovering at the door is most scary.

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