Now THAT’S Camouflage!

Thanks and a tip of the vampyre lid to C.L. Goforth (aka The Dragonfly Woman) for bringing this to our attention. See how long it takes you before you see the spider in this photo!

It’s winter, and I now live in a place where it actually gets rather cold at night. That unfortunately means that I don’t have my usual access to mid-winter insects and I can no longer make you all jealous that we still have bugs out and about.  But, I do have a nice stockpile of shots I took at BugShot 2012 that I haven’t shared yet!  While I anxiously await spring and the return of pretty flowers and insects to photograph, I bring you bugs and other arthropods from Florida!

Every time I look through my BugShot photos, I see new creatures I didn’t realize I’d photographed.  For example, I took this photo thinking I was photographing a group of flowers.  Somehow, I completely missed the giant yellow crab spider:


It was dark out, but wow!  For such a big spider, it sure did blend in well!



2 comments on “Now THAT’S Camouflage!

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Got it in 1 sec. yay !

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