Tips for Minor Comic Book Characters

Hats off to Nate Chen for this one!


Nate Chen Publications

Everyone loves superheroes. But not everyone considers what it’s like to be a member of the supporting cast of a comic book series. However, if we’re honest most of us are the kind of people who qualify more as supporting cast than main characters. So this week, I offer to you my suggestions for things to keep in mind should you ever find yourself trapped as a minor character in a comic book:

1. Never date a superhero. It can never end well, and will most likely result in emotionally traumatizing events.

a. Yes, even if you have superpowers, too.

2. Never date a supervillian. For all their charisma, power and (inevitably) good looks, there’s far too much narcissism required to go into that field of work to be good for a relationship.

a. Reforming them through the Power of Love is right out.

3. Look into the sidekick business…

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