Creepy Girls (15): Lenore, the cute little dead girl

When it comes to creepy girls, you gotta love Lenore (the cute little dead girl) created by Roman Dirge.

The fair little Lenore has been around for 22 years!

Definitely cute. But don’t confuse cute with ‘sweet’…

…unless, like me and so many others, you find Lenore’s special brand of sweetness irresistible.

What a charming kid.

One of the (many) things I find appealing about her is that she appears to be dressed in barrister’s robes.

Having spent more than my fair share wearing that get-up myself, I have a certain fondness for the look.

So here’s to the cutest little dead girl ever…

… and to her creator Roman Dirge and and to her friends Mr.Ragamuffin (bottom centre), Taxidermy (top left), Mr.Mosh (right) and Buckhead (bottom right)!



4 comments on “Creepy Girls (15): Lenore, the cute little dead girl

  1. TR says:

    Lenore is precious. Thanks for introducing us.
    The next pet I have shall be named Taxidermy.
    Taxi for short. Luv it!

  2. willowdot21 says:

    I love this blog I do some Vampire and witch poems myself ! I popped over here to say I have borrowed a photo of yours to use on a poem on a blog I contribute to. I have linked the photo back to you so hopefully you will get some visits. I do hope you will not mind. As I say just love this blog ! Be well and happy! xx

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