What’s With the Whole 50 Shades Thing?

What’s with the whole Fifty Shades of Grey thing? [1]

I mean, I know what it is, basically. A hugely successful erotic novel by E.L. James depicting some spicy scenes of BDSM.

But what’s with the whole phenomenon? Women are eating this thing up like they’d never heard of porn before.

What gives?

My dear friend and pop culture tour guide, Danielle, put me more or less in the picture. The 50 Shades books (apparently a trilogy) started as a fan fiction piece based on the Twilight novels by Stephanie Meyer. That alone was just about enough to make me want to put an end to the conversation then and there.

Danielle said that what started as a fan fiction thing grew into its own literary work and it appears that a film is now in the works.

(Danielle, clearly puzzled over the whole 50 Shades thing)

What puzzled us, me perhaps more than Danielle, was this one basic fact… women won’t usually watch porn (heaven forbid!) but oh sweet lord will they read the heck out of it!

Why? I have no idea. Neither did Danielle. And she read the book. Well, the first one, anyway.

Is this a temporary blip in the socio-sexual scene. A fetish fad? Or are women coming to grips with a desire for erotic fiction that is designed and served in a way that appeals to their sensibilities.

Are more women willing to explore explicit sexual content, at least in the form of literature?

We shall have to see how this plays out.



[1] One of my musings inspired by my dear friend, Danielle Ulch.


4 comments on “What’s With the Whole 50 Shades Thing?

  1. ukzombiekiller says:

    All of my female staff members have read the trilogy. I refuse on principle. Smut books are not “my thing”

    • vampyrefangs says:

      I don’t mind sexually explicit material. What I don’t get is the double standard when it comes to the medium of delivery. Books? Wow, that’s GREAT!! Video?? Eeewww, that’s GROSS!!

  2. Elaine Anderson says:

    There is now a parody called Fifty Shades of Earl Grey.

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