Why I Hate Almost Everyone (Part 21): The ‘Too Cool for School’

Too Cool for School:

A state in which a person thinks him or herself superior to everyone else in a given group or in general. Most commonly used sarcastically. [1]

“You may think you’re too cool for school. But I got a news flash for you…you AREN’T.” (Zoolander)

There is a difference between being ‘too cool for school’ (TCFS) and being snobbish, pretentious, conceited or even having a superiority complex, although being TCFS may at times incorporate those other repellent qualities.

There is a sense of being ‘above it all’… that just about everything and everyone else is somehow beneath you. Not in terms of social or financial standing for many of the TCFS come from quite modest, even poor backgrounds.

(Truman Capote ~ seriously too cool for school)

There is often a distinct gap between where the TCFS feel they should be and where they in fact are.

I’ve noticed many a waiter or waitress in artsy type restaurants and cafes adopt a tired, bored attitude when serving customers. An overwhelming sense of ennui engulfs them making it barely possible for them to do the menial tasks that cruel fate has inflicted upon their noble souls. Baristas (or baristards, as I sometimes call them) are quite often TCFS. In fact, being a barista is perhaps the ideal job for someone who is TCFS yet lacks any other marketable skill or talent.

(TCFS Baristard)

Uh huh… Spare me the attitude and make me my cappuccino, ok?

The TCFS are at their best when they need something from us plebes. People with whom they would otherwise never be caught dead, let alone associate, suddenly become necessary. What to do, what to do? No problem. The TCFS make it seem like they are doing YOU a huge favour by allowing you to be of some small assistance to them.

(I’ll let you do me a big favour… but just this once, ok?)

“It would be really cool if I could use your cell phone. I’d use mine but international calls are way expensive!”

Oh, golly gee. COULD I??

Listen… you’re above it all. Fine. Too involved in the high drama that is your life to talk with the groundlings. Great.

Just don’t expect me to play along, ok?

Now get me my damn cappuccino!



[1] UrbanDictionary.com


4 comments on “Why I Hate Almost Everyone (Part 21): The ‘Too Cool for School’

  1. ukzombiekiller says:

    So may I first qualify this comment by saying I am an area manager for an international coffee house. I am a barista maestro no less! (better than a normal barista – imagine that?!) I totally agree about the attitude of many baristas, some of my staff included, and it drives me mad. I challenge you to do their job for one day and I bet by the end of it you’d see things differently 😉 the attitude we’re given every day makes us this way. No really it does. Boredom too. Making good coffee is a real skill not to be underestimated.

    • vampyrefangs says:

      OMG, where do I begin? A barista maestro. I am green with envy. I have long admired the skills it takes to do that job well. As for doing that for one day? I promise you, I couldn’t do it for 2 hours without sticking a fork in someone’s neck. Believe me, I don’t underestimate what it takes. You have my utmost respect. While I can certainly see how working in a decent coffee house can make one surly, frustrated and impatient, I’m not sure I can connect the dots between that and being TCFS. UNLESS… One has such an undying love and respect for good coffee and how it is properly brewed and served that dealing with the public is a constant assault on one’s sensibilities. I can certainly see that happening in my case. Oh good lord, I’d be insufferable! LOL

      I cannot thank you enough for your comments. You’ve made my morning! 🙂

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