Creepy Girls (13): Little Zombie Girls

Ah, lucky 13. It’s enough to make a living dead heart beat.

OK… Here’s a Creepy Girl favourite of mine. Little Zombie Girls.

From the original little zombie girl… little miss what’s-her-name in the basement in Night of the Living Dead…

To those precious little zombie princess birthday party girls in Zombieland…

To the unfortunate Sophia in AMC’s The Walking dead.

Little Living Dead Girls just get me. I love them. I hate them. They creep me out. But in a good way.

Talk about mixed feelings!

But when it comes to photographing these Undead Darlings, the all-time champ is the amazing Lauren Freedman of Pensacola, Florida.

She is the genius behind LaLa Lauren Photography.

For my money, no one comes close to capturing the mood and feel of little zombie girls as much as Lauren.

She’s not afraid to use blood and gore when needed.

She’s the best!



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