Why I Hate Almost Everyone (Part 19): Graveyard Vandals

My dearly departed dad’s grave was desecrated years ago by some teenage hammerheads who probably had too much to drink and thought it would be cool to knock the statue of the Virgin Mary off the top of a tombstone.

That’s my guess, anyway. No one ever found out who did it.

In my mind, there is a very special seat in Hell for those who desecrate graves. [1]

Words simply cannot express the feelings of revulsion and impotent rage I experience when I see images of vandalized cemeteries.

It is an attack on all right-thinking members of society. It is an attack on common decency.

It is the ultimate act of cowardice.

I hate you. I detest you. I despise you. I loathe you.

As Queen Elizabeth the First of England once said, “G-d may forgive you… but I never can!”



[1] As an observant Jew, I do not believe in Hell in the Christian or Muslim sense of Eternal Damnation with no hope of repentance after death. The Jewish concept of punishment for sinners in the afterlife is more like the Catholic concept of ‘Purgatory.’ BUT… if there is a Hell, I am sure there are special seats reserved for guys who beat up prostitutes, men who rape children…  and cemetery desecrators.


4 comments on “Why I Hate Almost Everyone (Part 19): Graveyard Vandals

  1. renxkyoko says:

    Huh ? That ‘s your dad’s desecrated gravesite?

    I’m sorry ! May the souls of these vandals rot in hell, including their families’ ! ! ! Those pics made me angry ! !

    • vampyrefangs says:

      No, Ren. That isn’t my Dad’s grave site. The guys who attacked my father’s grave completely destroyed the statue, breaking it up into several pieces. Now when you go there, all you see on top of the headstone is a little white square which was the base on which the statue used to stand. I can’t go there to remember and pay respects to my father without also being reminded of the guys who did that. Anger doesn’t describe the feelings I have in me. Thanks for your kind words, Ren. They mean a lot. I hope you had a wonderful summer!

  2. bunnynoah says:

    I do not have the words to describe the feelings I have when I find cemeteries desecrated. I think you came close in this blog tho’.

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