Gingers (and why I love them)

By now you have all probably heard the expression Ginger Kids used to refer to children with red hair, fair skin and freckles.

The phrase gained popularity as a result of an episode of South Park.

I’ve always loved red or auburn hair, green eyes and pale skin. I find that very attractive.

I am told that this combination of features occurs most likely in the Irish.

I have a friend (not Irish) who has the most amazing shade of red hair. Unlike most adults whose red hair fades and changes colour over the years, her hair remains naturally gorgeous.

One night at a bar, a woman comes up to my friend and asks her what shade of colouring she uses. My friend says, truthfully, that the colour is natural and that she doesn’t use colouring.

The woman says that she is a hair stylist and that there is no way my friend’s hair colour is natural. She leaves in a huff.

About 15 minutes later, this woman comes up to my friend, snips a bit of her hair off, then runs out of the bar, clutching the sample. Everyone was too stunned to do anything about the mad hair stylist.

I wouldn’t say my love of red hair is quite that psychotic. I like it a lot but I draw the line at taking a pair of scissors to a stranger in a bar. Well… at least not for that reason.

When I see that magic combination… that perfect trifecta of red hair, pale skin and green eyes… I melt. I think it is heart-stoppingly beautiful.

So to all the ginger kids out there who might be teased because of their looks… hang in there…

Because one day, with a bit of the luck of the Irish, maybe you’ll look like this…

20 comments on “Gingers (and why I love them)

  1. There’s red hair in my family. My father’s side is Irish. Like you I love red-heads. Nowadays my reddish hair comes from a hairdresser. In my youth it was a deep reddish brown somewhere between Chestnut and auburn). My daughter’s father was a red-head and my daughter had red hair as a small child. No red-headed grandchildren though. One tow-head and two with a burnished golden brown from the admixture of German, Black Irish and Irish. No green eyes, either – with the exception of my hazel green with the intense green rim.

  2. Night-Gaunt says:

    You might say I am a pale imitation of a ‘ginger’ type person. On my driver’s license my hair was listed as “blond” only mine wasn’t very blond. More of dirty blond. But it soon turned mostly white by the time I was 30, blue eyes and what freckles I have are small an mostly on my arms. The rest of me is white. I was once confused with being an albino. I was too stunned to correct her. Only my pubic hair has any kind of orange reddish coloration. Even so got white hairs there too very early. And some very thin dark hairs have been coming in so maybe buy the time I’m in my late 60’s my hair may be mostly a blackish color. So goes the life or a recessive gene expressioned person. Only in one of my mother’s sister’s family do they have the ginger gene expression. Green or pale blue eyes and real red hair.

  3. “Ginger” is beautiful but I have to admit to laughing quite a bit at the thought of my male friend, looking like the gorgeous red head at the bottom.

  4. Pigeon Heart says:

    Ha! I can’t believe that happened to your friend!

  5. nightgaunt49 says:

    That is truly an amazing scene that someone should be used somewhere. I might if I can work it into a story.

  6. shawez says:

    always love red hair…with the combination of green love it…this combination is breath taking on girls…beautiful. .:)

  7. Ashton says:

    Who is the woman in the first pictures listed?

  8. […] photo credit to: […]

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