Creepy Girls (10): Suspension


Creepy girls in macabre photographs are often seen just standing around, sitting in corners, lying about, floating in bathtubs, etc.

But every once in a while, you see eerie photos of girls who are somehow just hanging around.

I mean really hanging around.

Sometimes, they look like they are on clothes hangers…

Sometimes, they are floating for no reason.

Sometimes, they’re hanging upside down…

And sometimes they are, of course, just hanging. Literally.

Either way, for me, they bury the needle [1] on the old Creep-o-meter!



[1] A beloved friend of mine, LWC, recently asked me to explain the expression ‘bury the needle.’  It comes from the days when meters had needle indicators (e.g. speedometers, volume meters, electricity meters, etc.). When the reading on the meter was so high that the indicator was up against the far end and couldn’t go any further, it would, in effect, ‘bury the needle.’


3 comments on “Creepy Girls (10): Suspension

  1. kgfashion says:

    Reblogged this on zombie.apocalypse and commented:
    Check out this blog. Creepy cool xx

  2. Nicky Germain says:

    Some really awesome photos on here. Any idea who took the one of the girl suspended over the bed? I’ve been trying to find out for ages! Great stuff though, thanks!

    • vampyrefangs says:

      I have no idea who the photographer is. I either run into these photographs accidentally or by using Google Image Search. Only rarely are photo credits given in those pictures. I try to give credit when I know who the photographer is.

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