Creepy Girls (9): Curled or Packaged Girls


There is a kind of macabre style of photography where girls are seen either in fetal positions in odd places –  or worse, curled up, boxed and almost ‘packaged.’

There’s no sense of these girls somehow falling asleep in a bizarre setting. Rather, there is an over-riding feeling that these girls have been placed, however temporarily, in this position.

I get the uncomfortable feeling that the subjects of the photographs have been or are about to be disposed.

The bodies that once held the girls’ spirits are now shells to be discarded.

Clearly, it is not the girls themselves who are creepy… but rather where they are, how they are ‘discovered’ and under what circumstances.

Is this how serial killers view their victims? Do the girls somehow become twisted works of art in the mind of the psychopath or sociopath?

I remember watching the television series Dexter and thinking the same thing.

Many years ago, there was a movie called The Eyes of Laura Mars where death and art came together.

In many books and movies, deranged killers have the bodies of their victims arranged in a kind of tableau.

Whenever I am presented with such photos, my immediate reaction is actually more of a non-reaction.

Words escape me. I just stare, unable to express myself.

They are awful, terrible… and yet, it’s like driving by a horrific car crash.

You know you shouldn’t look. You know you shouldn’t have a sick curiosity about it.

And yet… you just can’t take your eyes away.



3 comments on “Creepy Girls (9): Curled or Packaged Girls

  1. renxkyoko says:




    * speechless*

    • vampyrefangs says:

      It does kinda leave you just standing there thinking, “O… M… G!”

    • vampyrefangs says:

      The truly horrifying images are by Joshua Hoffine, He has a site here on WordPress ( His stuff gives me nightmares! These photos here are nothing compared to the sheer terror of his works. The good thing about Mr Hoffine’s site is that he sets out, step by step, the effort involved in creating his images. They look like paintings but are, in fact, photographs. WARNING: NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH!!

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