Coital Cephalalgia: Not tonight. I have a headache.

An orgasm, the ultimate pleasure? For those suffering coital cephalalgia, or “sexual headaches”, it’s quite the opposite.

A recent article indicates that this rare type of headache occurs in about 1% of men and is characterized by a sudden, severe “explosive” pain at the base of the skull that builds just before or during orgasm. Afterward the intense pain may last for several hours or even a few days.

(They are the 1%!)

(A headache? Seriously?? That’s MY line!!)

Doctors aren’t certain of what causes this disorder. Erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra could be a malefactor, as it’s estimated that 10% of men using this kind of medication may experience coital cephalalgia. Although these headaches are often benign, it’s always important to seek medical attention if you are experiencing them as in rare cases it could indicate a tumor or worse.

Over-exposure seems to be the best treatment. According to Wikipedia, “a doctor may recommend heavy sexual activity and masturbation for a short period of time ranging from a few days to a few weeks.”

(Thanks, Doc!)

To sooth the pain, it’s recommendable to take medications that prevent such headaches (Propranolol) during this intense sexual period.

(In other words… Take An Aspirin, Buddy!!)


Anand KS, & Dhikav V (2009). Primary headache associated with sexual activity. Singapore medical journal, 50 (5) PMID: 19495503


2 comments on “Coital Cephalalgia: Not tonight. I have a headache.

  1. Night-Gaunt says:

    Well I have many kinds of headaches but not that particular type. And ever since I had a catheter roughly inserted (via hammering!) when I was in the hospital 6 years ago I run the risk of pain on orgasm. Not too nice for me.

    • vampyrefangs says:

      I’m sorry to hear that. I hate when they insert things with the help of a ball peen hammer. 😦

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