Creepy Girls (2): The Girl on the Path

The other day, I ran into a photo that grabbed my attention.

(The Girl on the Path)

Not unlike my recent article on a similar theme, the above photo is very unsettling to me.

It’s disturbing. It kind of scares me.

And that is why I love it.

Like ‘The Girl on the Stair‘, it evokes images of Japanese horror, specifically RinguΒ and its American remake, The Ring.

Can’t get enough of those creepy girls!



5 comments on “Creepy Girls (2): The Girl on the Path

  1. Lily Wight says:

    Unnatural stillness is as unnerving as unnatural movement. We all like to be looked at in an attentive or admiring way but this obvious “watching” is terrifying in its brazenness. Nice pic πŸ˜‰

    • vampyrefangs says:

      Thanks for the comment. Also the stillness in an area which isn’t really a destination but rather a path to or from somewhere. It’s a place you go through, not to. The first thing you think is ‘Why is she there? Why did she stop?’ Add to it the misty,foggy background and you have a feeling of disquiet and foreboding before you even know why. Glad you like the photo. πŸ™‚

  2. Daniel says:

    What a great, terrifying picture. Where did you find it?

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