Why I Hate Almost Everyone (Part 16): Traitors

Of all the things a close friend or loved one can do to you, betrayal is one of the worst.

It is the element of breach of trust that cuts deeper than the knife in the back. As the saying goes, “Backstabbers are only powerful when your back is turned.” Why was your back turned? Because you trusted the traitor.

(Brutus about to slay Julius Caesar… the quintessential backstabber)

On a national level, treason is perhaps the worst crime there is. The traitor is betraying the entire country and putting it at risk.

On a personal level, a traitorous friend can destroy your faith in people… or at least in that person. You can become mistrustful of others and be tempted to close yourself off from friends and family.

In addition to whatever actual damage the betrayal costs you physically, psychologically, emotionally, financially, etc. the blow to your spirit can be devastating.

Traitors and backstabbers don’t just affect the people whom they betray… they bring down society as a whole. We want to be truthful, honest and open. We want to be able to trust others. And when a betrayal becomes known, it’s almost as if, even temporarily, a tiny crack forms in what we feel society should be.

We hate them, and rightfully so, because traitors and backstabbers are loathsome creatures whose actions not only hurt the victim or victims of their betrayal… but make our world a bit worse off.


Special thanks to author and screenwriter Michael Plumides. Some of his experiences as a ‘backstabee’ during his years in college radio provided the inspiration for this piece. Thanks, Mike!

Kill the Music: The chronicle of a college radio idealist’s rock and roll rebellion in an era of intrusive morality and censorship


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