Game of Thrones (Season Two)

No sooner had I finished the DVD Box set of Game of Thrones than I learned about the April 1, 2012, premier of Season Two!

I don’t own a television (long story) so I decided to see if I could catch a viewing somewhere on-line this morning (April 2). Much to my delight, I was able to do so before any of the copyright people removed it.

Well… let me start off by saying…

Oh… My… Gawd!!

As impressed as I was by the first season, Season Two has certainly taken off from where the first season left off.

Just as spectacular and riveting, just as grand, just as epic and majestic. Great cast, great locations, great sets, costumes, CGI, props… everything. The writing is fantastic and the performances brilliant.

This isn’t really a TV program in the usual sense. The expression I’ve heard is ‘motion picture television’ and I think that phrase is apt. Every aspect of Game of Thrones is just as if it was filmed as a movie. No expense is spared. No corners cut. Production is of the highest quality. It is filmed on location in Northern Ireland, Malta and Iceland.

(Wonderful young actress Maisie Williams as Arya Stark)

One of the best things about Game of Thrones is number of strong, female lead characters in it. For this reason, it has been called by some a ‘feminist’ show. Well, if that means there are a lot of excellent actresses playing many strong key roles in the show, who are given parts with depth and breadth and complexity, well then… I guess it is a feminist show.

(Lena Headley as Cersei Lannister)

After watching Season Two, Episode One this morning, I am even more hooked than I already was.

Game of Thrones is one of the best things on television.

Watch it!

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