16-Pound Babies Born in Texas and China!

I heard they grow them big down in Texas, but… DANG!!

Janet Johnson gave birth to a baby boy, JaMichael Brown, at Good Shepherd Hospital in Longview, Texas. He entered the world at sixteen pounds and was two feet tall (long?)!

But wait… there’s more!

A mother in China gave birth to a nearly 16-lb. boy, possibly setting the all-time record for the country’s biggest baby. Chun Chun, weighing in at 15.5 lbs., was born Saturday in the city of Xinxiang, in Henan province.

Just to give you darling little geeks and nerdlings a bit of perspective here… both of these titanic tots tipped the scales at over twice the weight of an average baby (about 7.5 lbs)! Put another way, these bundles of joy are about the size of an average 5-month-old baby.

The articles (Google ’16 pound baby’ and you’ll find dozens of media reports) usually go on to talk about gestational diabetes and macrosomia and other such disorders being contributing factors, among other things.

But what arrests the attention… what really grips the imagination of the average reader, listener and viewer… is the pure unvarnished mass of these kiddie-winkers.

One can’t help but imagine what it must be like having these bouncing bruisers as one of your own. A relatively simple task such as changing diapers becomes a logistical problem of, quite literally, huge proportions.

And these brogdingnagian bambinos are by no means the biggest on record!

(Indonesian baby Muhammad Akbar Risuddin. FYI: ‘Akbar’ means ‘big’)

Most recently, a woman in Indonesia gave birth to a baby weighing 19.2 pounds!

And notwithstanding even that baby’s size, he is not the largest baby ever born.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s heaviest baby was born to Anna Bates of Canada in 1879. The baby weighed 23.12 lbs and died eleven hours after birth.

The largest baby to ever survive was a boy weighing 10.2 kg (22 lb 8 oz) who was born to Carmelina Fedele at Aversa, Italy, in September 1955.

I swear… it’s enough to make your eyes water!



2 comments on “16-Pound Babies Born in Texas and China!

  1. debut dad says:

    I’m picking my jaw up off the ground at the moment… wow…

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