My Twilight Saga Update

Last year, I wrote how I broke down and bought the Twilight Saga movies.

They’re still sitting there on my computer table where I left them in September. Still unopened. Still in their original cellophane wrappers.

I feel like Pandora… or Bluebeard’s wife. I know I shouldn’t open them. I have a sinking feeling that they hold horrors untold… a sinister evil which has already been unleashed elsewhere upon the world.  I’ve been told time and again that I should not… MUST NOT… allow the Darkness to spread.

And yet… despite the dire warnings of an immedicabile vulnus – an incurable wound, an irreparable injury – not only to my eyes and ears but to my very soul… I hear them calling to me. A faint yet clear siren’s call.

I close my eyes and breathe deeply. I have won another day.

But the box still waits… the locked door still beckons.


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