Americans Willing to Pay for Laundry Folding Robots!

Americans are willing to pay for laundry folding robots.

Well, Lord knows I am!

According to the online research firm Persuadable Research Corporation [1], more than half the people surveyed said that a robot would be useful for, among other things, folding laundry.

The ‘among other things’ include:

  • Providing home security
  • Cleaning windows
  • Washing floors and dishes.

And that’s not all. Almost half (46 percent) wanted to use their robot to remind them of things, kind of like a personal assistant. A smaller number wanted robots that would interact with humans, including working with the disabled (12 percent), assisting the elderly (11 percent), or functioning as babysitters (9 percent).

Granted, some tasks are of a much greater magnitude.

Watch the video from to see how rescue robots are being used and even adapted to be more personal and interactive with (in this example) humans trapped inside a collapsed building.

That’s all very well and good (especially for the trapped person) and truly is a noble endeavour but let’s get back to the laundry folding, shall we? Because I spot a dark and evil side to this. After all, dark and evil IS in my nature!

Some people are not so much the laundry folding type as they are the ‘toss the clothes back in the drawer’ type. Does this person NEED a robot? I know I sure would like one… or rather, I like the idea of one… but do I need one. And by need, I mean ‘is it truly good for me… and society as a whole?’

Here’s my concern about what I see as the dark and evil aspect to all this. There are all kinds of uses for a House-Bot, I’m sure, most of which are perfectly sound and rational. And herein lies the slippery slope, my little geeks and nerdlings.

As was pointed out in a recent blog by the Kosher Samurai, it’s just a matter of time before human nature rears its all-too-true-to-form head and we get… Robo-SexBots!

I don’t know about you folks but off the top of my head, I can mention at least a dozen people who, being the proud owner of a state of the art Robo-SexBot, would never leave their house. Society would collapse. People wouldn’t show up to work or, if they do, show up in such an exhausted and addle-headed state as to be completely useless.

Wall Street would crash. The economy will crumble.

The media would trumpet the dangers of Robo-Sex Addiction. Talk show host would focus on the looming problem. Jerry Springer would showcase people who’ve left their spouses for their Robo-SexBot. Pulpits throughout the land will proclaim in the most fiery language how we are all facing a total societal breakdown as a direct result of this new evil right in our own homes!

Far too much drama for me.

So… for the betterment of Mankind and at great personal sacrifice, I will fold my own laundry.

You’re welcome!


[1] Their motto? ‘Reliable. Responsive. Rocket Powered.’ And no, I am not making this up!


One comment on “Americans Willing to Pay for Laundry Folding Robots!

  1. 7theaven says:

    LOL a nice article!

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