An Open Letter to Rabbi S. Boteach

A deeply insightful article by R’ Yisroel Chaim Blumenthal on an important topic.


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An Open Letter to Rabbi S. Boteach

Dear Rabbi Boteach. You seem to be surprised by the firestorm that erupted around your new book Kosher Jesus”. Your book was not even released and it was already banned. You have found yourself attacked from all quarters and you have valiantly wielded your keyboard against your critics. The upshot of your self-defense is that you are the representative of a fearless and broad-minded Judaism, while all of your opponents belong to the medieval, closed-minded, fanatical Judaism which the authors of the New Testament so vividly portray.

May I humbly introduce a new concept into your vocabulary which may allow you to see this controversy in a new light. It is called: sensitivity.

Symbols come with a lot of baggage. Take a flag as an example. If I were to burn the stars and stripes in front of a crowd of veterans who…

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2 comments on “An Open Letter to Rabbi S. Boteach

  1. Night-Gaunt says:

    How do I access the article? Now way that I can see.

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