Season’s Eatings: A Very Zombie Xmas!

Well, boys and girls, geeks and nerdlings… It’s that time of year again.

Time to huddle ’round with our friends and loved ones. Time to sip the egg nog, roast chestnuts on an open fire and imprint as many of these festive holiday memories onto the old lobes and cortices before the stuff really hits the fan and we are all slogging knee-deep through The Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.

During WWZ [1], eggnog may be in short supply, admittedly, but that’s no reason to be glum. Silver linings abound, folks. For example, pine trees will be popping up just about everywhere, I assure you. And imagine the warm and fuzzy feeling you’ll get knowing that just about every present you’ll be receiving will be hand-made!

And, after the initial months of ruckus and hullabaloo, it’s a pretty safe bet that every night will be a Silent Night.

Speaking of night-time, without all that annoying urban electrical glare and ‘light pollution’ muddying things up, just think of how bright and clear the heavenly host of celestial bodies will appear to our wondering post-apocalyptic eyes!

Hectic last minute Xmas shopping will be a thing of the past, quite literally. If you find a secure mall or store, you can browse and select items at your leisure. No fuss, no jostling through mobs of customers, no stress. Well, no additional stress, anyway.

So, as you’re nestled all snug in your bed while visions of sugar plums dance in your head, don’t give a second thought to Zombie-Yule. Everything’s going to be all right!

Scary Xmas to All… and to All a Good Fright!


[1] WWZ = World War Z (aka The Zombie War, aka The Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse)


One comment on “Season’s Eatings: A Very Zombie Xmas!

  1. Jacob Spire says:

    We’ll need to barricade the chimney.

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